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Classic - Christian Hosoi (Certified)
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Inventor of both the Christ Air and Rocket Air, few people ever to touch a board have had an impact on our sport like Christian Hosoi. Known for his graceful style and massive airs Hosoi is a skateboard virtuoso, whose epic rivalry with other skateboarding legends helped propel the sport into the mainstream in the late 80's. His fearless and relentless pursuit of evolving vert tricks, with a power never before achieved, took Skateboarding to a new level. Successful in both Vert and Street, Hosoi emerged as a hero for generations of skate fans, and has been with Pro-Tec for over 30 years. "My very first helmet was a blue Pro-Tec Full Cut. First thing I did was place stickers on it for hours in the precise spots. I got it in 1976-77 and I loved that helmet so much that I slept in it the very first night I bought it. I'm very honored and blessed that my first signature helmet was done by Pro-Tec helmets." Christian Hosoi

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